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Polo played at RMA Sandhurst on 23 June 2018
Match 1: Stowe School V RMAS
Stowe School:
1. Henry Hobby -2
2. Jamie Baillie -2
3. Billy Hawkins-Byass -2
4. Ivan De Poligny 0
1. Ocdt Tom Forstescue -2
2. Ocdts Cecelia Carlisle/ Grayson De Villiers -2
3. Ocdt Oli Powell +2
4. Ocdt George Lane-Fox -2
Match 2: The Dame Margot Turner Challenge Trophy -
Army Medical Services V RMAS PC
Army Medical Services:
1. Pte Molly Darwin QARANC -2
2. Maj Christophe Harper RADC -2
3. Capt Henry Sumption RAMC -1
4. Capt Paul Erhahiemen QARANC -2
1. Ocdt Charles Redshaw -2
2. Ocdts Will Young/Robin Mackworth-Young -2
3. Ocdt Seb Pudney 0
4. Ocdt Jack Robertson-Mcloud -2
The first ever Dame Margot Turner Challenge Trophy was the idea of the AMS polo. Team captain Paul Erhahiemen and a crowd of 100 or so with the help of Jean Boucton champagne enjoyed an excellent polo match that was played well above the expected standard for the handicap level, with AMS the winners by ½ goal.
AMS lifted their trophy. Prizes were presented by The Chief Nursing Officer Alison McCourt OBE. The ‘Master Rugs’ best playing pony went to Paul Erhahiemen’s pony Cacario lead up by Kerry Mahon.
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