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Created 18-Feb-18
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Bosham is a pretty, sleepy village on Chichester Harbour, a couple of hours drive from where I live and one of the places I like to visit and photograph whenever I can.
It is said that Bosham is where Cnut (Canute?) tried to hold back the tide. There is a story that Cnut had a daughter that drowned here and that her tomb is in the church. The wealth of Bosham in Saxon times may have been why Harold Godwinson lived in Bosham. His visit to the church and manor are shown in the Bayeux Tapestry. His remains may have been buried here.
Chichester Harbour is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a wetland visited migrating wildfowl, so it’s popular with birdwatchers.
Watching the tide come in, is a good a way to spend a couple of hours and if you have a camera (or several) a great place for photography.
This gallery is the source of the photos for my Bosham photography blog.

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