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I've recently put together a gallery of digital photos with a theme of the seaside. This is the film photography companion gallery.
Some images date back to the 1970s, but most are a good deal more recent and are the start of a body of work looking at the British coast.
I've managed to include some colour photographs here too. Some of the nicest shots came from a roll of time expired Truprint colour film that had been kicking around my office for years (I'd been so pleased with those photos, that I bought some time expired Kodak Gold, none of the shots from that film stock made it to this gallery).
I hope you enjoy the gallery and also hope that we can put up with our corona virus lockdown lives until we can go outside in safety again.
Best wishes.
Stay safe, stay well, stay home.

If you are interested in buying or licensing any of these images, that use the Contact page to email Peter.

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