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Created 18-Jun-18
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Heritage Day at Sandhurst produced some excellent polo between the Cadets and their guests Oxford University Polo Club and Harrow School.
Sandhurst played in HACKETT Army shirts for both games.
1. Norman Li -2
2. Marc Lingren -2
3. Michael Fitzgibbon -2
4. Hugo Taylor +2
Overall -4
1. Ocdts Charles Redshaw and Will Howlett -2
2. Ocdt Jack Robertson-Mcloud -2
3. Ocdt Hector Fair +1
4. Ocdt Freddie Benyon 0
Overall -3
Cadets had to double up to meet the challenge of two in form teams. In front of a large crowd Harrow, who included the talented Hugo Taylor (2 goal player), got off to a good start to build on their 1/2 goal advantage in the first period; Taylor scored twice. Sandhurst rallied and there was no score in the second period despite Sandhurst camping in Harrow’s half. The vital third period saw Taylor once again making no mistakes and scored a further two goals with one in reply by the excellent Hector Fair. Teams were both marking hard and Robertson-Mcloud, in his first ever polo match, had some nice runs but was denied a goal by the hard marking of Fitzgibbon. In the final period Taylor scored once again and Sandhurst, with Benyon increasingly effective off 0 goals going very close several times.
The game ended with a victory to Harrow by 5 1/2 to 1, MVPs were awarded to Michael Fitzgibbon from Harrow and Jack Robertson-Mcloud from Sandhurst.
Oxford University Polo Club
1. Heather Winsor -1
2. Tim Revell -2
3. Chris De Koning -2
4. Charlie Hitchman +1
Overall -4
1. Ocdt Hannah Good -2
2. Capt Chris Pyman SDG and Ocdt Tom Haines-Henderson -2
3. Ocdt Hector Fair 1
4. Ocdt Freddie Benyon 0
Overall -3
Oxford University have won this encounter for the last 3 years but Sandhurst were now warmed up with Benyon and Fair playing their second match of the day. The 3 players at 1 and 2 were playing in their first ever polo match. It was end to end play by both teams with goals hard to find as the marking and play was well orchestrated by Hitchman and Fair on either side. Winsor and De Koning made several runs whilst once again some talent in Good at 1 for Sandhurst meant she was always in the play. In the third period a foul presented Fair with a well taken 30 yard penalty and with some clever team play by Benyon, Sandhurst shut down Oxford to win the match by 1 goal to a 1/2.
The MVPs were selected from both sides with Heather Winsor for Oxford and Hannah Good for Sandhurst. Prizes were from British Polo Gin and Sandhurst.

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