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Top Ten Photos of 2015

December 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's time to review the year's photography and think about my favourite photos. 

This year I'm cheating a bit and I'm putting together a "general" photography set and also another set of polo photos. Partly because I've taken a lot of photos and partly because it's just such hard work trying to cut thousands of images down into just ten or twelve.

I'm going to start with this shot from St Paul's Cathedral. It's one of very few film photographs I've had published recently.  This one was used by St Paul's for the January image in their 2016 desk calendar. I was shooting film because on the way there, someone stole my digital camera.

St Paul's CaathedralCNV00024_T


It would be difficult for me to go through the year without spending at least some time on Cliveden Reach, the stretch of Thames between Boulters Lock and Cookham. This year's offering is a mute swan seeing off another swan that had strayed into its territory.

IMute SwanIMG_2193_TA mute swan seeing off another swan in its territory on the Thames at Cliveden Reach


After a few days in Venice, I came home with a lot of photos. It's difficult to go there and not be drawn into just wandering around and snapping away rather than going after some planned images.  There's so much to see and always, so little time.  I had bough a new 10-stop neutral density filter and a small travel tripod before going on this trip, so I did force myself into taking a few deliberate shots, but nowhere near as many as I'd have liked.

Gondola long exposureVenice long exposureA trip to Venice in June 2015

In May we spent a weekend in Worcester, and a very nice place it is  too. I managed to pursuade Karen to come with me to New Road to see the cricket. We stayed there for only an hour, but in that time the sun came out for just a moment and gave me a chance to see one of the iconic sights of English cricket.

WorcesterNew Road, WorcesterDay 4 of the Worcestershire versus the New Zealanders. final session of Day 4

In June I spent an afternoon at the British Wildlife Centre enjoying one of their photographer's visits. again, there were lots of photos but, the hedgehog stood out. As it happens, she was sent round this tree two or three times to get the right shot. I was delighted.

HedgehogHedgehogAn afternoon and evening visit to the British Wildlife Centre for photographers.

In September I spent a day shooting the cross country at Burghley Horse Trials, as an accredited photographer I could go pretty much anywhere I wanted. Accreditation came with one drawback, we had to be on site at around 06:30 and had to negotiate an early breakfast at our hotel.

BurghleyBurghleyPhotos from the cross country course at the Landrover Burghley Horse Trials held on 5th September 2015.<br/><br/>Other photos are available on this gallery<br/><br/>For licensing enquiries contact Peter Meade Photography using this contact form<br/>


Burghley was an early start, but it wasn't the only time I was up befor the sun this year. These last four images are in the "worth getting up for" category. The first shot is from the Sky Garden looking towards Docklands and was from a morning I spent helping Dave Burt and the London Instagram group.

The view from the Sky GardenEarly morning at the Sky GardenAn instagram meetup at the Sky Garden sponsored by Canon UK

This is dawn looking towards ancient Asine in Greece. The Greeks set sail from the next bay along when they went to war with Troy.

Sunrise at tolonSunrise in the AegeanA trip to Tolon and the surrounding areas in the Peleponnese region of Greece during September 2015

To get this shot I was up just after 04:00 and drove for a couple of hours to get to Dungeness for the sunrise.

Dungeness sunriseDungeness sunriseA trip to Dungeness to photograph the sunrise on 28th december

My last shot is from closer to home and only involved a 30 minute walk (carrying camera gear). From one particular spot between Maidenhead and Cookham Dean, the sun rises from more-or-less directly behind Windsor Castle on perhaps one of two days during late November (and again in early January). I've photographed this scene several times now (and been unable to see it several times too), but still haven't got exactly the shot I want.

So I get up early and keep trying.

Sunrise behind Windsor CastleSunrise at Windsor CastleThe sun rising behind Windsor Castle shot from north of Maidenhead. This view is available for about two days in late November

Getting up early isn't an infalable way to get great photos despite what all the photo blogs tell you. I had a very early start in Windsor Great Park tring to photograph the deer in rut. The light was awful. After some hours I headed home to get on with some writing work. My mid day, the light was perfect.


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